Helen (Head Coach)

Helen has been at the club for many years and has dedicated so much time and effort into making the club you see today, fantastic. Helen shows great patience which is key for any coach and is able to work with gymnasts so they can overcome obstacles and achieve well. She is a highly qualified coach and with this experience, she has been able to impart her knowledge onto up and coming coaches to help with their own continuing development. Helen has had many successes within the sport; coaching gymnasts that have competed at the Island Games and other National Competitions.​

Valery (Women's Artistic) (L5)

Valery joined our busy gym club many years ago and has achieved great results for the Island having his gymnasts compete as high as the Common Wealth Games. Valery used to coach in Russia where he gained invaluable skills and took this to the UK years later. Valery continued to show a fantastic coaching ability, developing gymnasts so well that they were chosen to be on the very difficult British Squads. Valery has the highest qualification in Women's Artistic; this great depth of knowledge helps other coaches around the gym, producing higher standards of our Artistic programme.

Emma (Pre-School, Development and Disability)

Emma is a fantastic coach who has been in the sport of gymnastics almost her entire life. Emma was a gymnast herself which helps to understand the gymnasts she coaches. Emma is always looking for ways to improve her own coaching knowledge and has attending many courses to help with this. Emma has a great understanding of the fundamentals and what needs to be done at a young age, as such, those that come from her pre-school classes are well-placed and suitable for their ability. Due to Emma's kind and caring nature, all the gymnasts she coaches look up to her and always show respect.

Kayleigh (General Gymnastics)

Kayleigh has been a member of the club from almost the start when the facility was opened. Kayleigh has shown full dedication to the gym club, after stopping being a gymnast herself, she has become a great asset to the club. Kayleigh started coaching quite young, so has had many years of experience that has changed and adapted over time to suit the ever-changing rules in gymnastics. Kayleigh has great organisational skills that allow all of her gymnasts to know what is expected of them. Kayleigh has started looking more into the Artistic gymnastics side of the gym, showing her wide-range of skills as a coach.

Stacey (Women's Artistic) (L4)

Stacey has been a member of the EVGC family for 17 years. Stacey started her gymnastics journey in one of the sessions ran in a secondary school and quickly joined the main gym in Douglas later in her first year. She was a competitive gymnast until she was 18; with her greatest achievement competing at the Island Games for the Isle of Man; medalling on floor in the Individual competition. Stacey has completed her first part of her level 4 exam and has officially achieved her Level 4 theory result; she is now a qualified Level 4 coach, both in theory and practical exams. Stacey is continually building her knowledge to make her gymnasts gain the necessary requirements for competitions and new skills.

Pam (Development of Women's Artistic)

Pam has recently joined our coaching team and has already begun her level 3 training. Pam's history within the sport has been fundamental in her determination and passion that she has for coaching today. Pam was a gymnast herself who trained and competed in Ireland. One of her greatest achievements was competing in the renowned competition that was and still is, the Irish Championships, competing high-level skills. We are very lucky to have Pam on our team, with her high spirit, her positive outlook and emphasis on fun in gymnastics, we have already seen her groups improve and fall in love with the sport!

Abbey (Women's Artistic/General - L1)

Abbey has been at the club for many years. She has been a fully dedicated member of the club and has progressed well through the years. Abbey has taken on various challenges and experiences in both artistic and general gymnastics. Abbey has successfully gained a qualification in Women's Artistic gymnastics Level 1 and is continuing to develop her coaching knowledge. Abbey has now finished university and is doing further studies here on the IOM, which means we are very lucky to have Abbey as a more permanent member.

Our Office Staff

Without these people, we would not be able to connect with you all and our club would not run smoothly. These lovely ladies help maintain the groups in the gym, the timings and any queries you have! They are wonderful and kind to even just have a chat.

From Left to Right:

Tanya, Lynne, Sinead